I’m Dr. Timothy D. Sheehan III, a psychiatrist based in Austin, TX and this is my website, Urban Psychiatry. I chose the name primarily because throughout my career I feel that so many of the problems that we all deal with and that bring individuals in for help revolve around the way that we have chosen to set up our society. Not that life was ever simple or easy, but I do believe that a lot of individuals feel isolated, lonely and anxious as families are broken up by the need to choose a career that can lead us to move across the country. The downside of living in a society that favors capitalism is that it places an extremely high value on money and ones ability to make it. This can lead individuals to define themselves by the jobs they have and the amount of money they make as well as to choose jobs that may provide money but little in the way of meaning and purpose. These are a lot of the themes that I explore with individuals as I get to know them and attempt to be of help. The other reason that I chose the name Urban Psychiatry is that I really love the graffiti in and around Austin. I find a lot of that creativity to be very inspiring and look for ways in which to promote creativity in myself and those that come and see me.

Hours M-Th 7:30am - 4:30pm Fri 7:30am - 3:30pm
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